Mercury-Free, Mercury-Safe Biological Dentistry

We are blessed to provide metal-free, biocompatible dental care to people from all over the country. And every day, we recommit ourselves to giving you the best, most pampered care we can imagine to enhance your health and well-being.

Our highly trained and caring staff will make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in our environmentally-friendly office as we attend to your dental needs.

We have been mercury-free since 1984 and follow the strictest guidelines for safe mercury removal.

We are equipped with leading dental technology including lasers, micro-air abrasion, EAV for material compatibility testing, ozone, CEREC one-visit dental restorations, platelet rich fibrin to enhance post-surgical response, phase-contrast microscopy, and, of course digital x-rays,

 We value a preventive approach to oral and systemic health, and minimally invasive techniques when treatment is required.

We are in humble adoration of the incredible Designer of those who seek our care.  He is the Healer, the Source of our health and happiness. We are His servants to whom He has given many gifts so that we may serve.