Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry is a healing art that appreciates the relationship of teeth with the rest of the body and treats the person as a whole. As a physician and friend once pointed out, “biological dentistry” literally means biologically logical dentistry.

Any dentist can claim to be a biological dentist. Typically, the journey begins with curiosity, then concern about the implications of implanting mercury in people’s teeth. Dr. Glaros started there in the early 1980s, and soon, patients were asking him to remove their amalgam fillings and wanted to know how they’d be protected during the procedures. Those questions sent him to study with his first mentor in biological dentistry, Dr. Hal Huggins, in 1983.

The next year, Dr. Glaros decided to go mercury-free. And he pressed on with his postdoctoral studies, enriching his practice – and the lives of his patients – with ever higher levels of biological dental care.

First eliminating mercury, then nickel, then all non-biocompatible metals from his practice, Dr. Glaros now exclusively provides biocompatible composite and ceramic restorations, including crowns, bridges and partials.

We work with like-minded healthcare providers who can provide services to complement our patients’ dental care, including compatibility testing, meridian stress assessment of existing teeth and extraction sites, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic evaluation, nutritional counseling, mercury detox and Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA).

Dr. Glaros and his team spend about one-third of their clinical time providing surgical procedures for clients with symptoms and conditions requiring extraction of teeth and treatment of ischemic bone lesions in the jaw (cavitations). Typical surgical procedures involve curettage of the site with hand and rotary instruments, ridge preservation/augmentation and energetic evaluation of the site before sutured closure.

To learn more about biological dentistry and how it supports your oral and systemic health alike, we encourage you to explore our blog and links library.